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Streaming a video game two decades before it went mainstream

1995 was a big year. Toy Story and Die Hard: With a Vengeance were released. Not to mention the release of the infamous Windows 95. And for an incredibly special few in Japan, the time between August and November 1995 brought the opportunity to play a never to be released again Zelda title.

The Zelda game in question is BS Zelda no Densetsu (BS The Legend of Zelda) and is the fifth game in the series. It is considered an “enhanced remake” due to its story and gameplay similarities to the original title, but the game features a different character…

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

It’s Googles world and Australian news outlets are paying to live in it.

For those not quite up to date, the Australian government is intending to roll out regulation that would ensure that Australian news agencies are not unfairly priced out of the internet ad market, and to ensure they get fairly compensated for the use of their content by Google and Facebook.

I covered the details in my previous article here.

JWST Image from official Artist Impressions
JWST Image from official Artist Impressions

It is extremely hard to park something in space. There are so many gravitational influences from the Sun, the planets, and the Galaxy that if I parked my Millenium Falcon in one spot then went and did some shopping, something would start to pull on it and it would begin floating in that direction, leaving me wandering the space parking lot for hours.

A Lagrange Point is the sweet spot where the gravitational pull between two large objects equals out. Effectively, any object left at a Lagrange point would not float away, it would stay put.

This makes Lagrange Points…

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What happens when a game-breaking bug appears on a device not connected to the internet? Game Freak had to get creative.

It was not that long ago that fixing a bug in a video wasn’t as easy as downloading a patch. Without the power of the internet, there were very few things you could do if your newly bought title contained a bug.

The developer may recall the game if the issue is bad enough, though history tells us this isn’t a frequent occurrence. Usually, players tried to work around the issue or asked for a refund.

But no matter how hard a developer might try, you cannot test and discover everything, and the bugs still get in, which is what…

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A digital interpretation of new planet Skylar discovered. Source Skylars Artstation

Not only are telescopes expensive to rent, but they are also often booked up for months or years on end. Even with your time funded and booked, you can lose it to something urgent like when ‘Oumuamua flew through our system, or you can lose it entirely to a bout of bad weather.

Sometimes, your only way forward is to look at the data previous missions have collected, which is how Skyler Palatnick discovered HD 183579b.

Skyler and his team first started their search using data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). …

It’s a historic month for Mars, never before have so many new missions left earth in such a small window.

With so much exciting Mars based space news to take…

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Southern Highlands of Mars, Source: NASA

Space is lonely, however, due to an opportune launching window in July of 2020, Mars will be receiving five new friends this month! (February 2021)

You may have already heard of NASA’s Perseverance rover, but did you know Perseverance has a stowaway on board?

Joining Perseverance on the surface will be a Chinese rover, Tianwen-1 Rover and deployed in orbit will be the Tianwen-1 Orbiter who will also be joined by the Hope Orbiter from the UAE.

So, who is Mars’s five new friends and why are they here?

Percy and Ingenuity

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My own quick doodle of Ingenuity.

On February 18th, 2021 NASA’s next rover, Perseverance, will land in the Martian crater, Jezero.

Unlike previous rovers sent to the red planet, Percy (that is his nickname) will not be alone.

Currently nestled inside the safety of Percy’s belly is Ingenuity, the first-ever of its kind.

Ingenuity is a robotic helicopter that is set to test whether an aerial flight is possible on the alien planet, opening the possibility for future missions to involve flight elements.

If successful, Ingenuity will be the first-ever powered flight on another planet.

Several key challenges had to be overcome to get this mission off the ground (pun intended), let us start with the biggest and most obvious one.

How will it fly in that atmosphere?

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A heavy metal band, a K-Pop trio, and a hip hop group, all created in the past six years

Video games and the music industry are no strangers to each other. From the emotional Gears of War trailer set to Mad World to the epic opening scene of Saints Row 3 where you and your gang rob a bank while Kanye West’s “Power” plays in the background.

Gears of War 3 trailer with Gary Jules Mad World. Source: YouTube.

Traditionally this relationship is very one-sided. The video game company approaches an artist for permission to use their music either in a trailer or in the game. …

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The Reading Cinema car park building had to be demolished after the Kaikoura Earthquake. Photo: Mark Mitchell. Source: NZ Herald.

I will never forget my first winter in Wellington, the wind blew so hard it pushed a car into the harbor, I certainly wondered what we had gotten ourselves into moving from the UK.

I have, however, forgotten my first earthquake. They are not as common as strong wind, but they have happened enough in my twenty plus years here that my recollection blurs.

I remember the big ones obviously.

I remember the one I could hear coming as it rolled down the valley towards us and I was able to warn my flat in advance. …

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