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My first brush with burnout was cataclysmic. I did not understand what I was doing to myself and continued to push myself until I broke.

Once the dust settled, I wrote about that experience in an article titled, The lies and lack of self-respect that lead to burnout.

It was my essay / self-chastisement of what thought processes and actions had allowed me to hurt myself to that extent.

And then I burned out again, not as spectacularly as the first time, primarily because I was more aware of the signs.

However, this second occurrence was within a few months…

The sad reality of managing your mental health is that you must personally discover how to care for it.

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While common colds have pharmaceutical and lifestyle remedies that will generally work for 95% of people, mental health conditions aren’t as straightforward.

A remedy or medication that works for one person might not work for you, and what worked one year for someone might not work the next. Doctors go from prescribing the solution to prescribing some options for you to trial.

You may succeed on the second or third time, or it could take you years, and it’s not something you solve outright. For many, it’s something you manage and keep under control with varying degrees of attention. Some…

Battlefield 2142 featured a truly futuristic game mode all about invading an enemies Titan

DICE’s Battlefield series rarely ventured into the future. The recent announcement of Battlefield 2042 made it the third future-dated title across its eleven games.

But only one game was based in the ‘far’ future, 2006’s Battlefield 2142, which was set amongst the backdrop of a third ice age that began in 2106 and a scarcity of resources that led the world to war.

This hundred-plus-year gap allowed the game to be more separated from the reality of today’s warfare, primarily in a technological sense. The game featured futuristic helicopters, hover tanks, walking assault mech’s, and laser shields.

My favourite was…

What the new on-foot component of the game means for its future

The Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion has launched this week. It represents a genuine next-generation leap in terms of gameplay, functionality, and graphics for the space sim.

The reception for the new expansion has been decidedly lukewarm, however, primarily due to the state of the game’s performance. Many players are struggling to hit acceptable frame rates even on computers running the latest 30-series cards. Another major contributor to the community’s feeling towards the release is that they have consistently, across the game’s lifetime, experienced factors that have not met expectations.

Destiny is no longer built to keep you playing

It’s the start of a new season, and I’m excited to play Destiny again. Fresh new content, a season pass to fill in, new guns to try out, and as always, some excellent quality of life improvements. There is no doubt that the seasonal model for Destiny is a success allowing Bungie to keep the game fresh enough to keep fans happy.

Though as much as I enjoy Destiny’s content model, I am now beginning to worry about its longevity.

The through-line every season is “same but different.”

Pokémon Gold is an integral part of my childhood, connected to me through trauma

I will never forget Pokémon Gold, primarily because when I nearly died at age thirteen, my first thought was about reloading my last Pokémon Gold save. But before I delve into that story, I need to digress briefly to fill in some context.

RE: The return of Game Demos.

A lovely person on Twitter; Vivek Gohil (uncannyvivek) pointed out that Demos would be a great way for players to try and see if a game has enough accessibility options that would allow them to play the game. I thought this was a great shoutout and wanted to add that in here.

We have the technology to make demos work for both consumer and publisher

My first ever video game purchase came from a demo disc. It was the first Age of Empires (1999 edition), and it had come in a box of Nutri-Grain cereal. I loved the game so much; I even played manual Age of Empires whenever I was away from the computer — using Legos, school stationery, and rocks as makeshift barracks and town centers. However, I reached the Iron Age a lot quicker when I was playing the game analogue style.

Yes those new books are setting up a nice backdrop and I wouldn't say no. I'd love a game in a new setting.

For eight years this simulator has been a hotbed of never seen before unique experiences

Elite Dangerous is about to undergo a massive change. This year, the game will get its “Odyssey” expansion, an update that will fundamentally change the game’s core.

“We will move into a new era of Elite Dangerous,” the game’s developers, Frontier Developments, explains, and they are not wrong.

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